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Personal Credibility - An Absolute Qualifier for HR Professionals

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

What’s that one key attribute that is critical to long-term success of an HR professional as she constantly walks on the ever so thin line between management & people expectations? Impactful performance, IQ, EQ, people connect, stakeholder management?! Well yes, but there’s something that encompasses all of the above and is actually the bedrock of her self-brand equity. 

Personal Credibility.

By the virtue of your job role you will be privy to sensitive information whether it’s people’s remuneration, their performance assessment or imminent organizational changes. The maturity with which you handle this information defines your personal credibility.

You would have to take decisions on vendor empanelment, negotiating commissions and salaries, approving expenses and budgets. The intent with which you make these choices defines your personal credibility.        

You would have to take disciplinary calls (whether you like it or not) on people. Do you take a fair, independent decision unperturbed by hierarchy, personal rapport, individual bias, hearsay and fear of retaliation? The propriety with which you take these decisions defines your personal credibility.    

It’s a fine line that you tread and it’s not easy. You might end up having fewer friends at office, but you would know that you’ve maintained your unsullied ‘professional dignity’ that is absolutely critical to deliver on the job you are entrusted with. You walk back to your desk with your head held high as you start planning for the next exciting people-challenge coming your way.     

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