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Global Executive Coach (PCC-ICF)
Fractional CHRO
Leadership & Organisational Culture Evangelist
HR Columnist & Blogger
MDI, Gurgaon, Batch of 2007

With a 15 years career stint with multinational companies and early to growth stage startups that culminated into leadership HR roles, I am a qualified Coach creating transformative impact on people's personal and professional selves. I am certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in addition to my professional Coaching certifications (SCPC) credentialing by the Coach Transformation Academy & Erickson Coaching International. Immersive discussions around goals, aspirations, calling and clearing perceived mental blocks brings forth the best in people through powerful questioning with my core Coaching style being, heightened self-awareness.


​I hail from the Doon valley and am the only child to my parents. My schooling was from the famed St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun post which I pursued my MBA in HRM from Management Development Institute [MDI], Gurgaon in 2007. A natural athlete, having played almost all major outdoor sports, I have also cleared the Services Selection Board (SSB) assessment centre in my 1st attempt for the National Defence Academy (NDA) back in 2000. 

Writing is something I love! It is truly fascinating and liberating. I mostly write about emotive real-world personal experiences around workplaces and human behaviour. On this website you'd find my blog and a short compilation of trended posts and media publications. LinkedIn is where I am mostly active and you'd see my sharing perspectives around the causes that I am truly passionate about - personal growth, organisational culture & leadership, emotional intelligence, women in the workplace, servant leadership and leading from the heart. 

I enjoy breaking stereotypes and strongly believe in walking the talk and practicing before I preach. You would see some of these in my professional journey and each unconventional pivot was worth it! I have this strong belief that all of us are multi-faceted and life is too short to be compartmentalised into a single box. Our truest potentials are realised only when we move out of our comfort zones and that is when we can truly thrive. Not merely live, but thrive.     

My free time is best spent reading, playing cricket, binge-watching crime thrillers on Netflix or simply having an authentic conversation with someone. My wife, also my former batchmate, is an HR professional working with a leading multinational bank in Delhi NCR. Our bundle of joy arrived a couple of years back and nothing else that has felt more blissful! 

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